8 Things Only Runners Know

8 Things Only Runners Know
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There are many fantastic benefits in store when you start running, but sometimes you can’t see all the best aspects of a 5K fitness program. From a better social life to a strengthened immune system, runners are claiming a lot for themselves these days. If you’re on the fence about an exercise program, look over this list and find out how you can change your life by starting a training program.

The heart benefits from a running exercise plan

Your heart benefits from an exercise plan in more ways than one. As you train, blood and oxygen flow through your body more efficiently, decreasing your risk of heart attack and stroke. Don’t forget the social aspects of running, either. Becoming part of a running community is a major benefit of a running training club. You never know who you will meet as you set goals with the members of your running club. So open that healthy heart to all the possibilities.

No More Sick Days

Running will strengthen your immune system, helping prevent minor illnesses like the common cold and upper respiratory infections. How does this work? Running circulates protective cells through the body at a faster rate. These cells attack and eliminate viruses and bacteria. It’s like your body has the best defensive line in the league, and those pesky microorganisms can’t even get close to the red zone. Take that, germs!

Running increases bone density

Feel It in Your Bones, running increases bone density, which will fend off osteoporosis. Runners are also at decreased risk of developing osteoarthritis of the knees as a continued commitment to training. Of course, running also helps you maintain a healthy weight, something to note when remembering the risk of knee osteoarthritis multiplies for obese individuals.

Running strengthens your lungs

Running strengthens your lungs. The deep breaths you take when working on your training plan force your body to utilize some of that lung potential that normally goes unrealized. Even former smokers can sometimes restore lung potential through running.

Running keeps you young and spry

Running keeps you young and spry! A research team from the Stanford University School of Medicine determined that running can help you live longer and improve your quality of life. Led by James Fries, MD, researchers tracked 538 runners over the age of 50 and judged them against a group of 423 similar folks who were non-runners. As the years went by, disability levels were considerably lower in the runners, and nineteen years into the study, 34% of the non-runners had passed away compared to only 15% of the runners.

Running makes you pretty

No kidding – as running improves your circulation and flushes out waste products, the happy consequence is a gorgeous, clear complexion. You can also count on the fat burned through running to help you lose weight and tone muscles. Running burns a whopping 705-865 calories/hour. You will appreciate that gorgeous creature smiling at you in the mirror, an image worthy of the Louvre.

Boosts your blood flow

Sticking with a training program has the added benefit of increasing the blood flow to your brain, feeding your cerebellum added oxygen and nutrients? This means improved thinking, learning potential and memory. If you aspire to be more productive at work, your 5K training plan will do the trick!

Gives you Confidence

Running gives you confidence and makes you feel more capable of reaching established goals. When you cross the finish line of a 5K run, it brings you a sense of accomplishment that is hard to match. Once you realize just how competent and extraordinary you are, it allows you to dream big in every area of your life.

Whether you know it or not, the benefits of running extend far beyond strong limbs and impressive race times. Become the person you dreamed you’d be with a running program.

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