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8 Tips For Eating Well In 2017

8 Tips For Eating Well In 2017
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The New Year is soon upon us and if like many, your resolution is to lead a healthier lifestyle, then eating well is absolutely crucial.

The following are 8 tips you should consider when thinking about eating well in 2017.

1. Avoid a Calorie Counting Routine

Unless you’re an avid bodybuilder, you’re unlikely to enjoy this sort of lifestyle.

At the end of the day, it’s more important not to ignore the nutritional content of the food you eat which is crucial to a healthy lifestyle. When you eat the right nutrients, you’re less likely to experience hunger pangs which often lead to less calorie consumption in the long run.

2. Eat Starchy Carbohydrates

Unlike what you may have heard in the media, carbohydrates are not the devil incarnate. That is, of course, if you eat the right carbs.

Starchy carbohydrates come from foods like pasta and bread and they contain fewer calories than their unhealthy counterparts.  You can lower your carb intake if you bake your own bread in a bread machine.  Most of the good ones, have a gluten free setting which will help to reduce the carbs in the bread.

3. Eat 5 Fruits and Vegetables A Day

Fruits and vegetables are an awesome source of nutritious vitamins/minerals. Ignore these at your peril.

5 fruits and vegetables a day is about 400g, as recommended by the World Health Organization. It’s a regime which is easy to implement, suitable for those on a budget, and goes a long way to ensuring your diet is well-balanced and nutritious.

4. Stay Hydrated

Water is the most important nutrient your body requires. Were likely to survive longer with more water rather than more food.

6-8 glasses of water per day is often recommended. Treat this as a general guideline, as opposed to a hard rule. Don’t be fussy with the details and just make sure you stay hydrated, especially in warmer climates.

But definitely, watch your alcohol intake.

5. Avoid Skipping Breakfast

It’s a common mistake amongst dieters and always ends up with the opposite effect. Avoiding a healthy breakfast in the morning leads to more hunger which negatively impacts on your eating choices later in the day.

Make sure you prepare a breakfast that’s high in protein and preferably wholegrain in order to keep yourself from eating more throughout the day.

6. Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables

It’s difficult to make sure your food is free from harmful pesticides unless you grow them yourself.

It’s also an amazing way of saving money, getting outdoors exercise and reducing environmental harm. Believe me, it’s a lot simpler than it sounds and will provide you with much healthier groceries then supermarket variants.

7. Treat Yourself Once In A While

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that sweets and chocolates are inherently bad. But the truth is they’re there for your enjoyment, which is just as important as a healthy lifestyle.

Eating well is about moderation. Take the right amount of good’ foods and leave some space to enjoy the bad’ foods. Just don’t overdo it, mind.

8. Monitor Your Caffeine Intake

Small amounts caffeine is highly beneficial for energy and productivity. But it’s very easy to overdose. And, once your body gets used to high caffeine intake, you’ll no longer get that boost of energy.

Take breaks in caffeine consumption to make sure you don’t get too accustomed to it and receive optimal benefits.


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